Yes, we want a Westie puppy ...
The next step is to find a breeder you trust, breeds puppies that appeal to you and don't make a deal with the first breeder you meet or speak who has already a litter.

There is a lot of difference between the breeders.
Some breeders have a waiting list and put you on the list without asking further information from you ... there are also breeders who always have puppies "in stock" ... and there are breeders who first want to get acquainted before you come on the waiting list.

One breeder asks € 600,- without pedigree with guarantee to the door ... another breeder asks € 1800,- with pedigree, but does not do anything about socialization and has the puppies in a run on sawdust.

And there are breeders who keep the pups in the house/living room together with the other dogs, have no kennels and where the puppy grows up in a pack.
The puppies have all the freedom to discover new things and be raised by the pack and thus learn the "dog language".
As a matter of course, they quickly become clean.
A puppy who is continuously kept in a running/kennel, must eat ... drink ... sleep ... play ... poo and pee in the same room.
So he/she does not learn, that there is another place to eat than to sleep or to pee.
These puppies are generally difficult to get clean.

Sometimes a bitch is more expensive than a male.
The price of a Westie pup varies from € 2200,- to € 2700,- for a house dog.
However, if you want to show and breed, then the price is from € 3500,-.
Socialization in the first 8 weeks is very important and this always happens at the breeder's home.
Is there in this period too little attention for the pups and are they getting too little stimulation, that will NEVER become okay again!
It is important to see the mother dog and the possible other Westies.
You can taste the atmosphere that prevails at that breeder.
Westies are always very enthusiastic and loud for the first 5 minutes, but then there must be peace.
At a first acquaintance you certainly do not have to decide immediately, just think about it ...
Sometimes a deposit is requested.

If you want a Balmoral's Brooklet Westie pup, we would like you to make a well-considered decision. After all, it's not a pack of sugar!
And we, too, want to take the time to ask ourselves if a puppy is with you at the right place.
We would also like to get acquainted before puppies are born.
We do not request a deposit and the puppy remains ours until the purchase agreement is signed.
We do not sell pups to people/families who work all day!

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