Our puppies are born on the second floor of our home in the puppy room.
There the mother has all the rest she needs to get used to her puppies. If the eyes open when they are 14 days old, the puppies move with mom to the living room.
Here the other dogs are introduced to the young ones.


Puppy visitors are welcome after 4 weeks.

Puppies learn to walk and if they can walk well with 4 - 5 weeks, they can run free in the living room.
They learn to do their needs on the puppy trainer and also outside.
Actually, the pups are practically clean when they are 8 weeks old.

At 7 weeks the puppies are titrated, which means their blood is examined for maternal antibodies.
Only when the maternal antibodies have disappeared does the vaccination work out well.
They can often do so with fewer vaccinations, and the less the better!
The puppies are dewormed regularly, you get deworming for a few months and the puppies get their first ECVO eye exam between 7 - 8 weeks.


We give our puppies benchtraining, so that the transition to the "big wide world" becomes easier.
With 7 weeks they all sleep in their own bench. When the puppies are allowed to leave with 8 weeks, they take their sleeping place with grease bed and toys (you can buy a bench yourself and bring it to us). So they have their safe place where they are used to and do not squeak at night!!
Our bitches get an average of 2 - 3 times a litter.

Do you dare to visit a Westiepuppy ... you are more than welcome to meet our family and our dogs!


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